Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mamavation Post: Friday, November 27th

Week Five is in the books and I survived Thanksgiving and an illness. Only two weeks left in this Mamavation campaign. The time has gone so fast; it just doesn’t seem possible that it all will be coming to an “official” close in a short amount of time. However, the lessons that I have learned and the changes in habits that occurred for me in the last month will last forever.

This week was extra tough to stay focused. I missed a few workouts and spent extra time resting. But, the more I rested, the more I wished I were more active. It was a terrible twist. Thanksgiving went okay at my mom’s. I kept to the plan of small portions with a kid-sized plate. I will be curious to see how Monday goes on the scale.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors for staying with us during this journey to personal health and positive state of mind. I can’t go a day without my Earth Footwear. I have become so accustomed to these shoes that I have a hard time wearing anything else. Everyone should try a pair of Earth Footwear to accelerate their calorie burning.

Thank you to EA SPORTS Active for the amazing workouts and support. Your programs are intense, but enjoyable at the same time. And, it keeps the children entertained watching me huff and puff in the living room!

Thank you to Smooth Fitness for the treadmill. Our interval running program on the treadmill is tough. But, the machine truly keeps me entertained the whole time. Plus, it reports my progress as I go and logs my profile. It’s as if it knows it me when I arrive. How cool is that.

Thank you to the amazing Mamavation team and sistahood. Not a day goes by that I am not appreciative of your gifts of time and talent.

As we close out the last few weeks, I challenge everyone to take a snapshot of the next month and focus on getting through the holidays in a healthy, active manner. Together, we will be here to support each other. I am living proof that this program can change lives.

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