Monday, January 18, 2010

This is the WEEK!

This is the week that two women’s lives will change, hopefully forever and for the better. I remember back three months ago, when I was in a similar situation as these amazing finalists. The nerves, the distraction, and the unknown!

In just a few days, I will meet my partner for the next seven weeks. Soon, I will know whom the person is that I will hold accountable and that will hold me accountable for continuing on our trek for a healthier lifestyle. I cannot wait for the Twitter party Thursday night!

If I learned anything from the last Mamavation campaign, it was that it is never too late to start making changes. The hardest part was the discipline. Holding myself accountable for my actions. What really kept me focused was the sistahood, knowing full well that there were many others out there that wanted a chance at what I was so fortunately allowed to do – to represent the Mamavation program.

The last month, since the campaign ended, I have relied on my friends to keep me motivated to go to the gym. Also, keeping track of what I’m eating is very important. Chance are, if you have to write it down, you will really think twice about what you are consuming.

I am just beginning my new goal and I know that it will be a lot of hard work in the next two months. I am going to need help staying on track and perhaps for the first year in decades, I may even buy a swimming suit?!

Together, we are going to make this the best start of the New Year!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Welcome to 2010!

I have big plans in 2010 and there is no time like the present to get started! My team is assembled and we are ready to go to support each other in this next phase of this journey to personal health and positive state of mind.

I am taking all of the tools, tips and secrets I learned in the last campaign and am coming out in a vengeance to finally reach my ultimate goals. It has all boiled down to planning the work and working the plan.

That is exactly what I have done. Planned my fitness routine. Planned my meals. Now, it’s time to shed the last of the pounds and tone up those “mamavated” muscles. My goal is to be buff and tough by April 4, 2010. This entails shedding about 20 more pounds, toning up some muscles and crossing the finish line faster in my next 5k race in March. Think I can do it!?

And, just as importantly, I am ready to be your mentor, too! I look forward to partnering with one of the new Mamavations Moms as we take on this quest together. Mamavation is a wonderful program, moms are superheroes and the best is yet to come!