Friday, October 30, 2009

When reality sets in

To start this post: let me just say that the sponsors of Mamavation, Earth Footwear and EA SPORTS Active, are amazing. Thank you for your role in making a difference in the lives of moms everywhere. To have the privilege of representing this mission is incredible.

Also, sending out props to the support of the team behind Mamavation:
Leah Segedie, Chief Mom of Bookieboo
Dr. Lorretta Shughrue, Mamavation Therapist
Mary Ellen Renna, M.D., Mamavation Lead Nutritional Coach
Tracey Mallett, Mamavation Lead Exercise Coach

And, thank you to Smooth Fitness for believing in the Mamavation program enough to support us with a Treadmill donation. Amazing! I can't wait to get started. One of my goals is to run a 5k in Spring. (How perfect is this combination)

When it was announced a week ago that I was going to be one of the next Mamavation Moms in this campaign, my slate was wiped clean. New beginnings. New chances for new choices. I made a vow to a few other mamavation moms that I would never play the victim, and neither would they. So often when you've been faced with tough times and tough challenges, it becomes easy to play "that card." You have my solemn promise that we will go through this journey with our faces to the sunshine, with a positive attitude and an incredible perseverance. This you can count on.

Well, week one is almost in the books. I've honestly spent more time focused on myself this week than I have in months. Crazy how, when forced to recommit that time, we can suddenly find it for ourselves.

It's been a whirlwind of a week. From getting used to exercising again daily to a near complete paradigm shift in thinking of the way I eat - my mind and body are aching. The workouts have been challenging. The meal plan has left me, at times, missing my daily dose of chocolate. But, I am constantly reminded of the fact that I am only cheating myself and all the other moms that want to change their lives - should I fall back on the "same old, same old."

There has been such a tremendous outpouring of support from my local and new online community. It carries with it an incredible sense of responsibility to successfully fulfill the obligations of the program. One person, whom I know was a consistent voter, expressed to me that I held the ability to demonstrate to other moms out there that it "can be done."

I wear my pedometer now almost as if it were a pager. I check it many times a day to gauge my goal. I haven't met the 10,000 step goal as of this posting. I will conquer this feat. It would be easy for me to lie to you all and say that I've done it, or claim a faulty pedometer - but that wouldn't be quite accurate. Sitting behind a desk all day, I just plain haven't met the goal. I have high expectations for my weekend.

I am proud to say I am typing tonight with a brand spanking new (untied) pair of "Ambition" Earth Footwear on my feet. When I walked back in the door about an hour ago, the delivery box was sitting patiently waiting for me. I had to experience the "superpower" of the negative heel technology, so much so in fact, that I haven't even accurately laced them up yet. AND, the other awesome news is that the "career" pair is so awesome looking that it will blend in nicely with any outfit I need to wear to the office. This company has it figured out. Comfort. Style. And amazing effects that will help me help myself.

As cheesy as this sounds...I am so excited to be with you here and I look forward to reconnecting with you again soon. Stay with me, our journey will be rewarding.

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